Reported speech 改良版


(1) verb that
accept, recollect, respond, imply, insist, presume, maintain, suggest, answer, confess, remember, conclude, state, boast, repeat, complain, explain, recommend, say
(2) verb O that
inform, advise, remind, tell, assure, persuade
(3) verb O to-inf
persuade, remind, tell, advise, urge, warn, expect, force, invite, order, ask, order, convince, encourage
(4) verb to-inf
agree, refuse, propose, decide, demand, offer, promise, threaten
(5) verb -ing
deny, regret, suggest, mention, admit, recommend
(6) verb O preposition -ing
blame someone for, congratulate someone on, thank someone for, suspect someone of, accuse someone of
(7) verb preposition -ing
apologise for, insist on, object to

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