Reported speech

動詞の後ろは目的語でその次は to 不定詞 だったっけ that節 だったっけ と迷うことがあるので、まとめてみました。 出典はnew total English advancedとcutting adge upper intermediateです。

(1) verb that
accept, recollect, respond, imply, insist, presume, maintain, suggest, answer, confess, remember, conclude, state, boast, repeat, complain, explain, recommend, say
(2) verb O that
inform, advise, remind, tell, assure, persuade
(3) verb O to-inf
persuade, remind, tell, advise, urge, warn, expect, force, invite, order, ask, order
(4) verb to-inf
agree, refuse, propose, decide, demand, offer, promise, threaten
(5) verb -ing
deny, regret, suggest, mention, admit, recommend
(6) verb O preposition -ing
blame someone for, congratulate someone on, thank someone for, suspect someone of, assuse someone of
(7) verb preposition -ing
apologise for, insist on, object to

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